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 Meet Robert

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PostSubject: Meet Robert   Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:07 pm

Irene rang me later on last night to say a hedgehog had been spotted out in the day on Thursday but managed to scarper off when Rachael tried to grab it. Came back Friday and this time he was caught and was made secure until he came in. As I was closer to where he was found (Winsford) Irene asked if I could take him. Rachael and her hubby very kindly offered to fetch him over which gave me time to sort out a zoozone for him - neighbours are now probably wondering what their crazy neighbour in her pj's was doing rooting the zoozone from out of the storage chest in the back yard and then sprinting to my car to get newspapers and test tubes for pooh collecting!

No obvious wounds on him, a couple of little ticks that were dealt with but so very very thin - he weighs 410 grams (on my vets scales) but he should be a lot heavier that he is.

Was hoping to get a poop sample this morning but you can see that there is nothing really to collect but what concerned me was the blood in his poop. After a quick phone call to Irene (thank you for guiding me) I took a cotton bud and rubbed it over the area and sealed it in a test tube and then Robert produced something more viable which was quickly collected.
Robert and the test tubes have been to my vet - nothing obvious in the poop that they could see and his lungs were clear, no crackling and his heart beat is steady.

With Irene's advice and after a chat with Mel the vet, we have come away with Baytril to start him on, critical care food that I can syringe feed him with and a return visit booked for Monday.

He is pottering about and I shall be keeping a close eye on him - he doesn't like his bayril! He has enough in him to fight the syringe which I am hoping is a positive sign.

Thank you to Rachael for bringing him over, Irene for your advice and tips as to what to look out for - he is snuggled up in a fleece pouch and has a heat source so fingers crossed he shows signs of improvement over the next 48 hours x
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Robert   Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:48 pm

Oh poor little man i hope hes ok helen xx
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Robert   Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:53 pm

He is adorable Nellie love, thank you for helping him.  Where would little animals like this be without wonderful people like you?  Please keep us posted.

JO xx
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Robert   

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Meet Robert
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