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 New owner set-up help (heating)

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PostSubject: New owner set-up help (heating)   Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:41 am

Recieving my 1st hedgehog in about 4 weeks, I've already got myself a zoo-zone2 cage (love the size but the first 2 were damaged on delivery) so I'm not holding my breath it wil last very long.  
I live in the Uk and just wanted to know what other zoo zone 2 owners are using to heat them up. I'm not too keen on using a heat pad with a plastic cage (petnap heat pads seem to be the best as they have a thermostat built in). I've also looked at CHE hearing but obviously this is more expensive and I haven't really got the space for it.  
I will be using fleece liners as flooring and have a fleece bunker den with fleece strips in it.  

Can any zoo zone2 owners share their heating set-up? Is a heatpad safe and sufficient enough?  Can a small CHE rest on the zoozone2's top vent and not overheat the cage?
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PostSubject: Re: New owner set-up help (heating)   Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:35 pm


I occasionally use zoozones when I separate my hoglets from mum and I've found heat mats work for me. If you're worried about it overheating etc you can use them with a thermostat by Habistat. I would highly recommend you use a Habistat heat mat if you decide on using a mat. They are not the cheapest on the market, but they are the safest and will last a long time. I've never used a CHE, so don't know too much about them. If your home is usually warmish a heat pad should also be fine.

As for the ZZ2, if it's arrived in one piece it should be fine! I've had mine about 3 years now and they've had wildies and all sorts living in them! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New owner set-up help (heating)   Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:37 pm

I haven't got a hedgehog yet either. I plan to buy a viv instead of a zoozone as I actually want to use a CHE. I had a CHE years ago when I owned a chameleon so just wish now that I hadn't sold the gear. Habistat is a great make. My house isn't a hot house. My husband is very frugal with the boiler so I figured a CHE would give a better all round temp to the viv without having cold spots. I thought that perhaps, if you had just a heat mat (in a coldish house) then there would be cold areas in the zoozone that weren't touching the heat mat.
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PostSubject: Re: New owner set-up help (heating)   

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New owner set-up help (heating)
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