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 Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.

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PostSubject: Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.   Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:16 pm

I have been keeping and breeding APH for over four years now and when it comes to choosing any new addition to my herd, temperament and health are the main factor for me.  I have found that my hedgehogs have produced a variety of colours, lights to darks, so colour choice is not as important for me.

Pethau pigog 'hedgehogs' - Tayer Witchell - South Wales

E-Mail -

Facebook -

Hedgehog - Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has neither a huff or a puff in her - she took motherhood in her stride and even though she had her first litter this year, she has been the most relaxed mother I have ever had - never batted a hoggie eye lash !

Hedgies Galore - Caz Markham - South Wales

E-Mail -

Web Site -

Hedgehogs - Belle, Karli and Satori

Belle is a true hedge-dog, comes to her name when called and she is the boss!  Karli is a well padded girl who has been an excellent mother and is very attentive and protective of her babies when born.  Satori has joined me this year and he will be paired shortly with Sorrel.  He is very relaxed and loves his wheel.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs UK - Amanda Isbitt - Heathfield, East Sussex

E-Mail -

Web Site -

Hedgehog - Crumble.

Crumble has taken well to attending our fund raisers, she thrives on the attention from the children when they see her and will treat them to watching her in action on her wheel.  I shall shortly be having another female from Amanda.

I have currently reserved one girl and am waiting for Hayley to have the right little girl for me and then for now, my herd is complete.

Need to update this, I collected my two girls from Hayley at the weekend and would like to add her to my list

Hayley - Joyful Hedgehogs - Enfield

Web Site -

Hedgehogs - Nutmeg and Saffron

Both have settled in straight away, eating well and already out in the big play pens meeting their new friends - Nutmeg is a cheeky monkey who will no doubt give me a run for my money - she will fit right in with my crazy household x

All of the breeders supplied a full care pack, change over food and toys/blankets with their hoglets - I was kept fully updated as the hoglets grew and was sent plenty of photos to keep over the weeks.
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PostSubject: Re: Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.   Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:21 pm

I have been keeping and breeding APH for almost 3 years and have clocked up over 9 hogs...All have been bought or rescued for their personalities, as well as some for colour and temperament.

Simply exotic hedgehogs - Helen gill - Cheshire

Web site -!/pages/Simply-Exotic-Hedgehogs-Precious-Babies/373636005981634

Hedgehog - maverick

Mav is a beautiful well endowed male, who oozes confidence with the ladies as well as with humans...he has his own mind, and loves to investigate his surroundings. He is one of my best eaters, eats everything I put In front of him.

Hedgies galore - Caz Markham - South Wales

Website -

Hedgehog - poppet

Poppet was my very first hedgehog and started my obsession of hedgehogs, she has the most humour and is full of personality, even though she hates being handled, unless it's to pick her up out of her viv and in that case she will claw at your fingers and hands for a lift down to the floor.
This old gal is the 1st out at dinner time...and will scoff it back in minutes...this will explain her larger frame.

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PostSubject: Re: Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:44 am

Helen gill = simplyexotichedgehogs oscar is a beautiful boy who loves his food any food he isnt fussy his favourite is beef, he loves a wonder in his playpen and loves his wheel xx 2nd cookie hes a gorgeous little boy who loves to snuggle at any given chance but also loves his wheel and loves his food any food is favourite is chicken, helen is a fantastic breeder that puts health first and foremost and all my boys are healthy active and happy she has always been there when i needed her xx
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PostSubject: Re: Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:50 am

Melanie williams littlehogshedgehogs Tinker is a beautiful girl who very much loves her grub especially mealies and chicken she can smell a mealie a mile away,she looves her wheel so much it moves, melanie is a lovely person and breeds for health first and foremost and she has also been there if i have hever needed her xx
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PostSubject: Re: Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.   

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Where I have purchased my hedgehogs from.
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