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 Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue

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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:19 pm

All this night time crafting has taken it s toll on our old lad and this morning we noticed he was very cold and abit wobbly --yes and he wasnt the only one like that !!!So he ha s been moved to the top bunk with a brand new heat pad --we dont normally do this but he is such an old lad and we are scared we might lose him .Tonight he is a bit confused and sat with his head on one side as he watched us making up the tarquin lucky bags for him to fill .Percy isnt a bit bothered that he has lost his old pal a s he now has a tasty young lady who has moved in to the flat below --what goings on eh -- whatever next --we dont half see life here ya know !!
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:44 pm

In view of his increasing fan club we have just heard TARKERS confiding to his new neighbour jam roly poly that he might make a guest appearance a t the birthday do--could this be true or is he just doing it to wind percy and dot up ?-- we will see --he might need his wool socks and scarf at this rate and he will certainly need a manicure cant be seen out with those old claws lad .Think he just doesnt trust us with his LUCKY BAGS to be honest or he has heard about the cake stall --now theres a combination --TARQUIN and cakes --we promise he wont be folding the serviettes or licking the plates .
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:10 am

Sorry been a bit lazy on facebook what with all these youngsters tearing around all night /dot still chewing the bars and the cold snap not to mention the scary halloween pumpkinny thing pauline has lit every night outside the rescue window --it makes you want to keep yer head down and dream of spring --or a t least the next bowl of whiskers .Theres been a lot of complaining from our ladies as some of these new comers have no TOILET TRAINING and they need to know that while pooing in your water bowl is tolerated--poohing through the bars onto chairs/the recycling box and the shelves is just NOT DONE and we dont like it --, No wonder our ladies have had
to bury their heads in the new knit mags and read a book on morale boosters from the library !! Theres still such a lot to be done -- jam pudding been labelling the xmas cards and hes made a right mess of it -- w e have been looking a t prizes for the games and percy reckons no one will want to win anything with nasty squirrelly or badgery or foxy things on so we are sticking with the nations favourite --ie hedgehogs -- well thats all from me got a lot of photos to sign tonight for my fan base and also need to break the news to three of the residents that they ar e being evicted tomorrow -- going to tell percy it s him even though it isnt --get your jolly,s where you can I say --TARQUIN
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:17 am

Yes its true pauline likes ticks but even she was gobsmacked at the amount that came
in on a teeny hog today -- we weighed her before and after the tick removal and the ticks weighed 12gms!! Now that is some serious hoard of ticks --by anyones standards and theres more still on there --if she survives she will be very lucky --w e have given her all we can to help and now its a waiting game --at the very least she will be seriously anaemic --at best dehydrated and infected-- will see what happens overnight --at the moment she is very still and quiet after all the treatment and the ticks are doing nicely in a bowl of trigene. pauline wanted to put pictures on but wendy wasnt too keen --thought it might give you all nightmares.Hogs can survive such a load of ticks but she was lucky to have been found and certainly wouldnt have lasted much longer .Our tiniest hog has come in at 217 gm unbelieveable for november --he s called becks bottom and is very very cute --pictures tomorrow when he feels better --WE HOPE --NIGHT NIGHT EVERYONE MIND THE BED BUGS DONT BITE --!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:54 am

Its ok for one lazy lump to be reading all the dodgy bits in the paper but some of us are HARD at it in other ways .I have been putting the final touches to my PERCY PRICKLES GAME -- you get to choose three prickles for £1.00 and the reddish and bluish ones have prizes--am a bit cross with publicity though as they seem to have painted me blue with an orange face
bet tarkers put em up to that one --and to add insult to injury two of my prickles went missing this afternoon --HA think w eknow where one of them is dont we tarquin ?-- !!
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:18 am

What a day-- poor old tarkers been doing his lucky bags for hours and our two ladies squabbling over the stuff to put in em -- cant see us ever being ready and just hope you all come or wendy and pauline will cry till xmas and all my sore feet packing and picking will have been for nothing ,IT was a bit chaotic here tonight and one of our newbies caused a stir by making a break for it .You have all heard about the pathetic tick- laden little waste of space that came in -- the one so poorly that she has had to have all the attention --well she is a fraud!! as tonight while the ladies were mega busy she popped off the top of her cage and legged it !!Pauline just came in the door as we were all panicking -- and telling her to ge t back in but the dozey little beggar seemed to think she could hide next to the mop bucket -- and w e all know the best place in the garage is to get right behind the freezer --what an amateur!! Anyway --she got scooped back up and serve her right as pauline spotted yet another massive tick near her ear-ole and she had to submit to having it taken off .We havent told pauline but we all know she is hiding yet another massive tick in the other ear -- the little monkey --she wont half cop it when pauline sees it in the morning .Right thats all from me =off to give tarkers a foot rub and make sure pauline has had her gin allowance --PERCY XX
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:07 am

Well sort of --our garden hog comet has decided to get up and take a stroll after being tucked up for a week or so --bet she hasnt seen the weather forecast then. Have put her a bit of biscuit in her box but at over 900gms she ha s no problems surving the winter --.Some of the youngsters we have taken in lately are very poorly with lungworm --and might not make it any hog under 300gms now ha s little chance of survival -- just seen the weather and we are set for a cold snap but also seen a slug and thats the trouble as hungry hogs are driven to eating them when theres nothing else and we all know what that means .We are still getting reports of hogs coming to feeding boxes --if they are a good weight dont worry they will know when its time to go --and is it me or is there a sudden rash of xmas ads on tele this weekend -- saw tarkers and percy with a pen and paper this morning --wonder whats going on their lists then !!!
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:05 am

IS they are so small /usually starving /are heaving with worms --and thats what we know about .So often they come in and start feeding and then w e lose them rapidly as their systems are overloaded with usually lungworm --and so it is with our tiniest arrival -- she is on antibiotics and w eneed to start wormer but today she has eaten very little and wont be hand fed -- so wehave a problem -- on the plus side she is still feisty and still inside the house but the next few days will be crucial .Still more little ones due in all under 300 gm s -- the little hog found just outside the rescue is doing well and eating everything but he was way too small to be left outside now -Percy been abit off colour today --he has a terrible chest with permanent damage and may have to have the central heating turned on like tarkers .LARGER hogs ares till out and about and if they are big uns over 600gms theres no need to worry its the last push before they hibernate --but if you do have a dry hutch or shed and you are worried about a regular visitor still being up then take him in and snug him up with some hay /straw and abit of dry food --we dont take any chance with our regulars they are too precious .Squatter has gone to he winter foster mum but will be back here in the spring on her home ground --most of our hogs go back where they came from but some stay with their fosterers ona soft release -
STOP PRESS --little leaf hog just got up for a drink of milk mush -- so theres hope --she must like it warmed with a bit of sugar as thats what i have just done -- the little monkey --!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:57 pm

Wendy recovering at home being spoiled by simon and alison came to help this morning with the hogs --lots of oohs and ahhs when she saw how tiny so many of them are .Little leaf has now got to 160gm and is eating solids and percy seems abit brighter --we still have a couple that look dodgy though but have run out of ideas to try with them
A--cancel christmas -- we were going to start putting outside lights up today
B-- go mad and do it anyway
c- Feel life is just to hard and not celebrate at all and try to save some money
D --eat mince pies
E be selective and cancel all xmas except the mince pies /sloe gin/chocolate and wine
Might sound daft but it show things are here at the moment
F-- is put loud music on to drown out the sound of the dog barking next door a s it s upsetting having jus tl ost yours

GUESS WHICH OPTION i HAVE GONE FOR -- got pink floyd on and a mouth full of pastry !!
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:46 pm

Wendy doing much better --AND LIFE WITHOUT MOLLY PROVING ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to cope with --bets are being placed as to how long the rescue will be dogless --!!!Today little bex bottom is abit brighter and eating which is amazing as we thought w e had lost her and litttle leaf is doing great --so it s not all bad news here -- once again thanks to everyone who answered the emergency call for towels and papers at the weekend -- w eare rattling through them a t the minute. Thanks to celia for her donation -- and to all of you who have sent us flowers and lovely messges -- they all made pauline cry --xx
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:47 am

Today we brought molly dog home to scatter in the garden in the spring --this is the first time wehave done this for any of our dogs but she was an exceptional little girl .Lottie is settling in and making he r mark on the house in more ways than one !! she will never replace molly but seems to be quite a little character and is winning everyone over --she even settles next to pauline exactly as molly did and in the photos it could be molly again .It sbeen an odd week --wendy recovering from the tests /more tiny hogs coming in /some losses in the rescue and it seems its suddenly xmas -- got a yankee candle advent calender today -- thanks to lisa for spotting that one and percy and tarkers want to know where theirs are --maybe wendy do them a posh one now she has learned tunisian crochet -- !!We lost another tiny today -- again nothing we could do and one has come in tonight with signs of extreme lungworm --any hog coming in now is going to be very lucky to survive even with all the help we can give .Dont know what lottie will make of hedgehogs when she meets them but she is scared of the hog doorstop in the hall --mind you most of the hogs are bigger than her anyway just now --
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:18 am

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Well. What a night. Me and the big T had a few mates round. Had to sample some grog the nice ladies have bought for this xmas thing. Not bad, not bad. Think a few happy campers on 25th. So ladies, please be quiet when cleaning this morning. Sssssshhhhhhhhh. Yours Percy the wobbly legged
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PostSubject: Re: Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue   

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Hedgehugs Hedgehog Rescue
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